sup internets, we would like to do some moosix

Hello, this is our first post on our brand new site! yay! We would really like to do some moosix for you but there are several obstacles, all of them being money. We have a serious body of work ready to work on, but it requires serious equipment. We have secured a 48 channel mixing desk, which was about 10k of the battle, but we still need a bit more equipment that costs quite a bit, our goal is 5k and we can start producing. we need:

  • Backup solution
  • Rack unit
  • Hard drive recovery
    • lost a significant amount of samples we made ourselves on two drives while travelling :/
  • Soundcard
  • Mackie Onyx Mixer
  • Patchbay and cables to plug said shit in.

5k is not an unattainable goal, we could go to arts grants but they take a long time and a lot of effort and experience to go through applying and we don’t know anything about that. To this end we have started an equipment fundraiser and a synch company, and have released a Logic Pro X Scripter Plugin – between these three we hope to realise our goal as quickly as possible. All money from the sync company that we don’t use to survive is going straight into the crowdfunder. Once that happens we shall then be constructing an album through a Patreon campaign, releasing one idea a month.

please consider helping us to make music with our equipment fundraiser or wish list.

or, you could also donate crypto bollocks:

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